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Minecraft coding for kids classes online

In the online programming school for children - ProKids, courses are held in a game-based form using the Minecraft game.
Our online classes are private and supervised by experienced teachers
In our courses we combine study and pleasure. Your child studies programming in a favourite Minecraft game
Minecraft is used to visualize your code, not for playing
Lessons are held by a teacher online on the platform using step-by-step tasks
Programming courses for children at ProgKids school is an opportunity to take their first steps towards your career
We have developed teaching methods that allow children to get acquainted with programming in a game-based form and continue learning in the sphere they are interested in
Our qualified teachers are highly experienced not only in development, but also in working with children
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Description of Minecraft-based courses:
Programming in a game-based form for children at the Prokids school is based on working with the Minecraft game. We offer courses
- that use the Snap! visual development environment. This is one of the extensions of Scratch which has become an independent product,
- on one of the most popular programming languages Python.
Visual programming for children 7+
the development environment is designed specially for children
it is a launching pad for further study of programming languages
does not require prior preparation
minutes each
In this course, сhildren get acquainted with the basic aspects of programming, such as variables, functions, loops and conditions. In addition, children learn coordinates and the simplest mathematical operations.
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Python programming for children 12+
Python has a very simple and intuitive syntax, that is why it is so common for teaching children and is recommended as the first programming language.
During classes, the skills of a confident computer user are actively developing
minutes each
Familiarity with the syntax of the Python language, building logical chains, creating your own functions. All this and much more will be mastered by your child as part of the Python training course.
Launch the programm
from mc import world, weather, blocks, creatures

world.buildColumn(0, 0, 0, 5, blocks.GOLD_BLOCK)
Python is used by such IT giant as Google. The server part of Instagram is written on Python
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Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang and Microsoft. Not an official Minecraft product. Not approved by or associated with Mojang.
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