Creating games
in Roblox Studio

In this course, children learn how to create their own games in Roblox Studio and are able to share them with friends
In this course, the child can create:
  • neighborhood where it is possible to live in a mansion full of favorite things and even invite friends to a virtual party;
  • a zombie apocalypse where he/she with friends will have to fight the walking dead;
  • a cool parkour game that the child's friends will envy;
  • a simple game in which you will need to collect lollipops and candies on a stick in a country of giant sweets.
What will a child learn to do?
  • Learn the basics of algorithmization
  • Get knowledge of the basics of the Lua language
  • Learn what game physics is and how to work with it
  • Create characters, objects and animations, learn how to work with textures and lighting, create a game environment (landscape, trees, textures, etc.), work with sound and special effects and develop other elements of the game
  • Develop imagination by implementing his/her own ideas
What a child need to have a lesson?
1. Install Roblox Studio
2. Register on
3. Connect to the lesson
- Stable Internet
- A computer or a laptop (Windows or Mac)
- A mouse and a microphone

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